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Nathan, the highly intelligent life form, tells the story of his adventures, from his shy school days through the exciting times when he invented artificial intelligence and much more.
If you could end yourself and cease your suffering or continue fighting for an eternity of love, which one would you choose? (Vampire x Human Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy series-2 books)
Strange Gifts lay dormant on Earth, like seeds in a desert. Then the rains came – as a young boy on a wild spiritual quest through seven bizarre worlds, to reveal the gifts, and the mysteries ...
Literary Fiction
The three stories will bring a smile to your face as well as a tear to your eye as the author explores love and friendship between different cultures.
Short Stories
Life can be wonderful, but then again life can be hard especially for a young boy just emerging from childhood into puberty and adulthood. This is a story of joy, sadness, triumph and humour.
Non Fiction
There are two interwoven stories: Susan becomes ensnared by the new rules governing women: and Rosie a gifted child who needs specialist medical care but she belongs to the Untouchable caste.