Alethean Prophecy
GenreFantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Tuesday, 23 February 2010
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Leo is a 15 year old boy. He lives in London, has a lot of friends, good at sports and love the hustle and bustle of city life. About a million miles away from Rose, a lonely girl living in new Zealand, a budding artist. and loves going to her secret waterfall, a blissful and peaceful escape.

Little do they know that the world of Alethea even exists, let alone is in need of their help. Join them as they travel through the world attempting to prevent its destruction.

The Prophecy

After 1,000 years of peace and prosperity in the land of Alethea, the King had discovered that the evil that haunts the world had corrupted the leaders of Alethea.

Using the power they now held, they were able to overthrow The royalty, without leadership Alethea plunged into darkness.

The divine protector, a statue situated in the centre of Aletheas capital city Sapphire, was said to of been the only thing preventing the haunters leader Xanther from awakening.

However in the chaos it was damaged allowing the haunters to do as they wished.

They terrorised people, destroyed city's and savaged the land.

Just as all hope was lost a beam of light struck the statue, a huge explosion was emitted from it expelling the haunters and creating a protective shield, sealing Sapphire from the carnage that unravelled the world.

On the anniversary of the haunters coming to power two valiant heroes shall be summoned to Sapphire.

It will be their destiny to banish the haunters and to return Alethea to a place of peace, prosperity and virtue.

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List of chapters

Ch. 1 Arrival (Rough Draft)
Ch. 2 The Lost Return


Eryn Grayce Sorenson Thursday, 27 December 2012
The beginning was good, but the dialogue at the end was a bit much. You should have them do something as they talk (walking, tie their shoe, whatever) and you should also describe the place where they fell a bit more. I think this story has potential, however, so please continue.

Keep writing,
SingItForTheWorld Saturday, 2 October 2010
This is really good! the begining was the best, but it started to slip nearing the end. Alot of dialoge. You should do more disciption like in the begining. I loved it though! I can't wait to see what happens. It has alot of potential. Keep going!

If you have time, can you check out my story Flashback and my friend Flame's story Fire Trail? They are kind of what you like. Would you descibe people with powers like shapeshifting and a kid with wings magical creatures? Thanks so much!
Love2Read Friday, 4 June 2010
I brought it up to a 4.5. Nice!
Love2Read Friday, 4 June 2010
I don't agree with Count Cello's rating. I thought it was very description and vivid, just what you need to complete a chapter. Few errors- missed commas, spelling, and a few run-on sentences -but hey, you can always fix them. I really, really like it and I'm looking forward to reading some more. :) Write more?

*added to my favorites*

If you do have some time on your hands, could you read "One of His?" It may not be your kind of book though, however I do not know. I know you read "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" and I want to thank you for that. ;)

~Merisa ♥
Kimota Tuesday, 25 May 2010
Very Morbid

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