Dedications and Inspirations.
GenrePoetry / Short Stories
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Submitted:Tuesday, 15 December 2009
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These are the stories and poems that have been dedicated or inspired by friends and family.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Camping/Rafting
Ch. 2 Fear
Ch. 3 Like love.


Maria Kashouga Wednesday, 3 March 2010
Wonderful i like this one too!!!
Bodybag Tuesday, 26 January 2010
I would just like to let everyone know that I suck and that I'm a girl and I like ribbons in my hair and I want to kiss all the boys. Also I wish I could be half as cool as Ayesha or Ed. But I can't because I suck. On the boys.
AyeshaRai Tuesday, 26 January 2010
I'm done playing nice with you deathTwitch so stop coming on here!
AyeshaRai Tuesday, 26 January 2010
Due to recent events I am posting this warning for all readers these are the names of the two people harassing me; Bodybag and deathTwitch... please watch out for these two on your profiles carefully, as I wish for you not to go through the same harassment I am. Good Luck all.

Also just for your knowledge 'deathTwitch' your name should be something else with a B but let's not get into that now...

This poem is a original ask hanschaser, another writter on here... and any of the other 10 people I texted it to right after I wrote it, you a$$h0l3!
Ed_Jones Tuesday, 26 January 2010
Dude she's a good friend of mine, I know that she wrote it herself. And if you can't recognize talent then why the fuck are you even o0n this site?

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