Another Uncle Wilson story -- the Shiny Thing
GenreFiction / Sci-Fi
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Monday, 18 February 2019
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an extraterrestrial encounter? Or a hoax. You know how Uncle Wilson has shown he can make strange things happen before. Maybe he's up to his tricks again? Maybe, maybe not. Now I'm in a position to finally see for myself. Then, again, maybe it would have been better to just stay at home? A venture into the fairly near future, and how things work then.

The decision to seek answers to the question of Uncle Wil's strange encounter and odd skills leads his nephew and his partner, Riley, on an adventure that could very well land them in Federal Prison


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The Shiny Thing Uncle Wilson showed me
Ch. 2 Thirty years later...
Ch. 3 How it is I can Afford to Chase Wild Geese
Ch. 4 On the Road, the road to Nova Scotia
Ch. 5 Odd Canadian Talents
Ch. 6 Who's been Rifling my Files?
Ch. 7 a Visit from Two Intimidating Women
Ch. 8 Perhaps we can Cooperate?
Ch. 9 Uncommon Cause
Ch. 10 Just when I thought They Were Our Friends
Ch. 11 And They won't Listen to Reason
Ch. 12 Bad Cop, Worse Cop
Ch. 13 Rudy's story
Ch. 14 on our own surfing the dark web
Ch. 15 Scientific Method
Ch. 16 the modern reformation
Ch. 17 Sister Josephina Immaculata
Ch. 18 Sister Correine
Ch. 19 Revelation
Ch. 20 A sliver of possible truth
Ch. 21 more interviews and investigations
Ch. 22 Sister Correine's revelations
Ch. 23 seeking Elizabeth
Ch. 24 Just a little pinch
Ch. 25 the Lonely Nunpriest
Ch. 26 Magic?
Ch. 27 Elizabeth's life
Ch. 28 What do we do with this?
Ch. 29 the set up and second thoughts
Ch. 30 finally, the truth of the matter
Ch. 31 Home


paul schoaff Thursday, 11 April 2019
Let's say you read the first chapter and shrug and say, "not worth the effort to slog through 30 chapters of this drivel...

well, okay, cut to the chase, read the last 3 chapters and shrug again...."well, maybe it would have been fun to read the whole thing, but who has the time?"
paul schoaff Wednesday, 3 April 2019
We have a dear friend who has served as a nun for her whole adult life, over 50 years. I have seen her angry and weeping over the money used to pay off claims by victims of sexual abuse at the hands of priests. Her POV, because of all the work she has done in poor communities in the USA, is that that activity has robbed deserving people of resources they need.
TheNovelReader Thursday, 28 February 2019
Love this
Kelly Maree Monday, 18 February 2019
This has a cool premise, and a very 'human' way of writing. Thumbs up.
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