C0D3BR3AK3R5 #1A
GenreSci-Fi / Adventure
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Thursday, 5 July 2018
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APPS, the Astronomical Planetary Protection System, is losing its battle against VIRUS: a secondary organization destined to control all of the galaxy's electronic neuro-net as their own.

A young girl on Earth has a talent for playing various app games on her electronic devices. Unbeknownst to her, those app games are skills used to fight an interstellar dictator.

Various species and aliens from distant galaxies make up APPS, each one specifically qualified in their own talents. Typically, APPS recruits each member, but they're so desperate in their recent battles with VIRUS, they abduct a human girl named Zelda against her will, but who has the ability to defeat VIRUS, maybe once and for all.

With the defeat of APPS close at hand and the uprising of VIRUS threatening the galaxy, Zelda is forced into an intergalactic battle to bring peace to the universe, but at a horrible price that could be worse than the overthrow of VIRUS.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 C0D3BR3AK3R5 #1A cover
Ch. 0 #1A Prologue
Ch. 1 The Score


Kelly Maree Sunday, 8 July 2018
This is incredible. This is talent.
Kelly Maree Friday, 6 July 2018
I remember reading this before. Was this uploaded previously...?
Kelly Maree Friday, 6 July 2018
I LOVE IT! So cool!

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