BILL WILL Matriarchos
GenreFantasy / Thriller
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Saturday, 10 February 2018
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Agent Bill Will is an ex-international counter-espionage agent and military
communications officer (Liaison) who holds the rank of Colonel with MATRIARCHOS Intelligence & Security.
The times are the years 2025 - 2044 when University & Government Institutes are a nightmare for men.
All this heavily disguised by propaganda and Feminist-Marxist lies. Blinding the views of many.
A Diktat of Matriarchate laws where heterosexuality for men is banned and brutally 'feminized' when caught.
Bill Will found people were 'transported' for political 'cleansing' and 'body trafficked' for medical intelligence research.

Though a restricted heterosex himself-He is tasked with hunting down policy deniers for ideological re-education.
His co-worker at Matriarchos Central is a radical and underground Unisex; Beaux Rhynan.
Together, as they begin to resist Matriarchal indoctrination, they fight the depths of illegal feminist torture,
the MATRIARCHOS regimes death psychology, and illicit European genocide.

Exploring all areas of contentious human thought one forbidden dream at a time... becomes now more than urgent ... it is life itself...
Love becomes a minefield of terror...

Worlds newest, ideologically incorrect, spy thriller.
The thinking mans Jack Reacher... a political fantasy and utopia-dystopian cross
First Bill Will Novel in a groundbreaking multi book series.
Read BILL WILL now before they ban it...


Phillip O'Sullivan

All Rights Reserved Phillip John O'Sullivan
Due for Release Late 2019, or 2020/21 Before if Possible


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Chapter Start
Ch. 0 Chapter Start Washington
Ch. 1 Chapter Zero i
Ch. 2 Chapter Zero ii
Ch. 3 Chapter Zero iii
Ch. 4 Chapter Zero iv
Ch. 6 Chapter One
Ch. 7 Chapter Two
Ch. 8 Chapter Three
Ch. 9 Chapter Four
Ch. 10 Chapter Five


E.S. Iaza Tuesday, 12 June 2018
It's hard to tell in the beginning who the POV belongs to, also what they look like, what the room looks like etc. Then the internal narrative starts and I realized we're probably in the head of our villain. And yet, so much is missing -- who is this girl, from his perspective, why does she have this information. What emotions is he feeling when he looks at her or tortures her? Simply range and sense of power isn't enough -- is he bored, sure of himself, how much did it cost him to find her? I can tell you have real passion for scenes, but in order to make your prose connect with the reader, you should read more books on writing and in your own genre. Studying human nature will also help -- I'd recommend picking up the "Writer's Guide to Character Traits." Best of luck to you.
Kelly Maree Sunday, 11 February 2018
Strange topic, cool story. 10/10!
(I like strange topics)

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