litrally my life
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Now I was about 5 when my father left me. Let me tell you my father was hard working, caring , respectful , responsible, and loving to me and my mother. We lived in a nice big house with my dog axel. I remember my dad taking me to school everyday and saying he will see me later. I also remember he would play with me and call me his little girl and his only princess, and of course my mom the queen. I lived around 2 blocks away from my aunts and cousins and it was lit playing with them everyday and my dad wasting so much money on toys for everyone of us every week. I don't even think he realized how much money he would spend without a care just to make his family happy. It was as if I lived in my own fairytale perfect life story. Don't forget that all this was back when I was around 5 though.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 literally my life part 1.5
Ch. 1 continue reading about my life literally..
Ch. 2 my life right now 2017
Ch. 3 to be continued ;2017 may 30
Ch. 4 back on track may 31
Ch. 5 1st of june!
Ch. 6 2nd day
Ch. 7 3rd day of the month
Ch. 8 4th
Ch. 9 5 th day
Ch. 10 the 8th
Ch. 11 9th)official last day as a freshman
Ch. 12 late but back! 24 of june!
Ch. 13 late..but back..
Ch. 14 Sophmore November 24--BACKKK
Ch. 15 my likes NOV 24


N. Renč Thursday, 1 June 2017
Give that you're fifteen, and that this seems to be more of a personal piece than professional, I won't nit-pick. I do recommend, however, that you take the time to revise grammar rules. If accessible, use a Word processor. Outlook emails have a Word function. It will help with your spelling and grammar. Best of luck. xx

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