Ragnarok Glissade
GenreFiction / History
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Submitted:Wednesday, 23 November 2016
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A Viking-Orkney parchement dealer Whit Rune becomes entranced by Yanque Xinthope. Little known and overlooked the A.D.3 Viking community rejects them as a low unsuitable match. She is an 'Amerika' cross bred, Thane-Skrelling, woman. Yet the A.D. 3 Norse community rejects them as unsuitable for each other. Little understanding their passionionate inner bonding. As does she also.
Being dejected he sets about rectifying his situation.
Yet she also reluctantly finds her own need for him intolerably unworthy. Her jealous possessiveness alerts her inwardly to her own very low Thule status, rank and immaturity.
She determines to grow up fast and prove to them and herself a mature ability to fully respect and inspire their primitive Viking life together.
She elects to do a great task. Only trouble is she does not know what it is just that she must absent herself from him. Throwing herself into the howling winds of destiny marks her indelibly. radical changes occur within her feminine fibre. Living now by a higher cultural standard.
Their gradually growing together takes time; and one more fiercest of all tests calls to her as she moves towards it... in risking all. It's a loss devastating to them both.
Task accomplished would she be worthy of him then?
And of his people now, what of they? Will they find destiny exerts a place at the Viking high table for them both?
A tale arising from a time where the True Early foundations of all later Viking life, adventure and fame derive. A robust and innocent period. These brave & stoic Norse souls, Danegeld-Vikings and the Scandinavian Teutons from before 3 A.D. From earliest Roman Sightings vastly prior to Erik the Red. A period begins here of over 600 silent years from A.D. 3 ( as recorded byTacitus) to 785 AD. Where the better known 'Viking' historical period from 695- 1300 began. Here they speak again. These early ones.
As existing in a longer time well before known history; overlapping centuries of Rome in Europe. And much else... this narrative emerges as a portion of that time long ago... Determined to not live vicariously yet authentically; the real thing called life. Always misunderstood.
A forgotten time when notoriety is deeply private and tests sudden and deadly.. During that bitter humble epoch many were forced by fierce winter storms or local political history to flee, or venture anyway, out upon the dark warm green ocean deeps: in stark anonymous hazard: caring not for fame or death itself. This is their lonely saga exclusively relayed here...in those far off teeming days in a warmer Arctic than today...

Is his task also the right one? As it presents itself to him in a most unexpected way- the opposite of all ways he could imagine; it even risks putting her entirely off him in even its accomplishment. Even if she should hear of it? Has he made a mistake?

Seeking together not the boosted vainglory of saga tales and expanded bards; yet the adventure itself, in all its own ghostly and haunted beauty....


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Ragnarok Glissade
Ch. 1 Between Two Worlds
Ch. 2 Tower Building
Ch. 3 Tests of Youth
Ch. 4 Roman Incident AD 3
Ch. 5 Elder Wisdom & Beginning Life
Ch. 6 Female Viking
Ch. 7 Love in Norse Manner
Ch. 8 Roman Appear BCE 10
Ch. 9 Danger
Ch. 10 Escape


Witty Simile Friday, 2 December 2016
Very lone experimental chapter. Looks like a book at its very birth. Not long on the site also.

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