Blood Witch
GenreYoung Adult / Fantasy
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Tuesday, 29 September 2015
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Rose is a half breed, something that's generally seen as an abomination in her world. But she and her sister are the first of their kind; half vampyre, half witch. The supernatural world isn't sure how to deal with this type of breed since the last time there was a half breed, a lot of people were brutally killed. Lately though, it seems as if they're being hunted by their own kind- and then some.
Rose's parents are important people in their communities. Although some of their kind completely disagree with their love and family, there's no doubt that they're useful. They're paid to deal with problematic and potentially dangerous situations; their jobs require that they move all across the country, sometimes the world.
Her parents have been tasked with something that requires Rose's help; she readily agrees, hoping to prove that she's nothing to be feared. But it seems that wherever she goes, trouble seems to follow her and she has to fight for her life in more ways than one.


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