Beyond the Armstrong Limit - A Life on Mars
by LCD
GenreSci-Fi / Adventure
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Wednesday, 31 December 2014
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Mars is colonized by humans in 2314. Though people still have to live under protective domes the atmospheric pressure has been raised technologically to close to the so-called Armstrong limit when it is no longer lethal to be without a pressure suit. On the brink of this new age the future seems bright for everyone.

It's New Year's Eve. Janet and Bill have set up Kayla and Zack for a blind date. Kayla who has recently left earth for a new start on mars after ending a bad relationship still feels lonely in her new home. Zack has become a cynical man after losing his family in a tragic accident. Just when the date seems to be working out, the sky is lit up by the brilliant light of thousands of meteorites crashing down. The city faces destruction. Can Zack save them?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Blind date
Ch. 2 Orion Hercules
Ch. 3 Way Down
Ch. 4 Avoiding a cover up
Ch. 5 Breathless
Ch. 6 All in
Ch. 7 Going Underground
Ch. 8 Dirty Harry
Ch. 9 Tunnel vision
Ch. 10 Kid napping
Ch. 11 Blackout
Ch. 12 Echo from the Past
Ch. 13 Repercussions
Ch. 14 Meltdown
Ch. 15 Back Doors
Ch. 16 Impending Doom
Ch. 17 Gamma-Ray Ban
Ch. 18 The Old Man and the Hook
Ch. 19 The End is Nigh
Ch. 20 The Demon Core
Ch. 21 The Future Begins
Ch. 22 Being Hercules
Ch. 23 After Changes Upon Changes...