GenreFiction / Romance
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Friday, 23 May 2014
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Since he was a young boy, and in an increasingly loveless society, Landyn Lastman, always believed in true love; a belief that holds him together he calls the passion particle. However, now a middle-aged man, his search for true love ultimately leads him to a California State Prison for five years. On the last night of his incarceration, his skeptical cellmate urges him to share his story, a tale he kept hidden in fear of retribution upon his release by the ones who conspired in the dark to put him there. He is then faced with a fateful decision; to keep his story hidden but forever be tarnished with a judgment of guilt or to reveal his story to prove his innocence, a choice that would only drive his enemies over the edge to destroy him for good. As he contemplates this decision, outside of his awareness, a crucial part of his story begins to develop right before his eyes, one the reluctant storyteller himself could never be prepared for as he becomes a part of the greatest love story ever told.