Sleeping Secrets
GenreThriller / Suspense
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Thursday, 1 May 2014
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Emma Gilcrest, a 20-year-old College Student, is returning home for Summer Vacation. Emma comes home to care for her sister, Alexis, who is nine months pregnant. With Alexis' due date approaching, Emma is anxious and unsure if she is ready to be an Aunt -- Or Godmother. However, things weren't that simple.

Emma soon learns that there is more to her sister's car accident, where her Brother-in-law was killed seven months ago. Only Alexis herself and her unborn child survived the crash -- Or so she thought. As each day passes, next to the impending birth of her sister's child, Emma grows more and more protective of Alexis.

With just four more weeks to go, where Alexis' due date is approaching, Emma goes at great lengths to make sure her sister is both safe and comfortable. However, two weeks before Alexis' Due Date, the unthinkable happens; Alexis gets kidnapped. With the help of her best friends Jake & Jen and only two weeks left, Emma must find Alexis before she gives birth or worse; a fetal abduction.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Home Sweet Home
Ch. 2 Night Life
Ch. 3 Unexpected Guest
Ch. 4 Can never catch a break
Ch. 5 Abduction
Ch. 6 À l'intérieur
Ch. 7 A Firefight in Seattle
Ch. 8 Revenge really bites
Ch. 9 Don't mess with Family
Ch. 10 This Ends Now