The Jewels of Neora
GenreFantasy / Sci-Fi
Age Rating:PG
Submitted:Saturday, 27 October 2012
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A fantasy, adventure novel told in three intertwining plot lines that expand the knowledge of the world and its vastness. One, the main protagonist gifted with magic not seen in thousands of years who is the chosen one and is swept into a massive adventure that will change the fate of the world. Two, a newly-crowned boy king that has a questionable appointment to kingship and three, a princess who wants to be taken away from her high royalty and explore the world.

The main story though is about a young boy who has been gifted by the gods with magic that has only been seen once before in an effort to rid the land of the evil. The boy is swept off by a wizard and is taught the art of the sword and of one of the three magic systems. The boy, Arion, will come to see what is happening in the world and what part he is to play and leads up to a great battle in the first book of the Jewels of Neora Trilogy.

This is for you people out there who like fantasy and elves and dwarves and other world type stories. Here's to you.

Jack Pagliante 2013

If you could please write comments and rates please! Thank you:)


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Prologue
Ch. 2 The City of Bells
Ch. 3 William
Ch. 4 The Black Sky
Ch. 5 The Roaring Bear
Ch. 6 The One
Ch. 7 The Highcouncil
Ch. 8 Mysteries of the Past
Ch. 9 To Be a Princess
Ch. 10 Secrets Revealed


megan loughney Wednesday, 23 January 2013
It has a nice story to it and great Characters I love it!
Rabid Weasel Thursday, 17 January 2013
Really love the detail and the time you must have put in. Really awesome job! Can't wait to read the rest! :)
Gwyndrid Morgan Wednesday, 16 January 2013
Great work, keep it up.
Like mine it probably needs a bit of an edit. But what the heck, its a good story so far.
HMJordan Tuesday, 15 January 2013
The first chapter is a picture of classic adventure and magic! What more could be asked. Thanks mate, will read more tomorow. Please be sure to keep updated as I add more chapters to my book The Silent meadows of the Elns, that goes for all of you haha>>>
R.J.M. Sunday, 13 January 2013
Definitely a good book. Keeps you interested and is definitely a good read. Juts be sure to have someone spell-check so that you use surely instead of surly. Otherwise it seems to be an interesting story and my only gripes are spelling/word use/etc. and that it seems very familiar as it seems to follow the recipe for a bunch of other fantasy-type stories.

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