Return of the High Protector (Part II of The High Duties of Pacia)
GenreFantasy / Sci-Fi
Age Rating:PG
Submitted:Saturday, 21 April 2012
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Destiny brings a thirteen year old boy and girl together in a wilderness when she escapes from kidnappers and he flees enemy soldiers. Her name is Caelia and she comes from a community hidden in a cavern. He has spent all his life hiding and only learned his true identity two days earlier. They journey together searching for her family and the secret buried chest he seeks.

Elsewhere, a remarkable young woman named Graice travels with her mentor Sybille and a man named Holder. Sybille has foreseen that Graice is needed for a task vital to the world in Abbelôn, the beautiful peaceful city captured years earlier by brutal men called the Zafiri – and Sybille’s visions are never wrong. Continuing her efforts begun in Part I of the story, Graice does her best to help Holder, who lost his memory around the same time Abbelôn fell. She and Sybille already know he was once someone important. With the help of the man known as the Wise One of Lucidus and others, they continue the seemingly hopeless journey toward Abbelôn.

Across the land, anxiety increases. An army raised by the Zafiri threatens Anglio, a small city on the edge of the civilized world. The pompous monarchs of the Great Cities promise aid but are really only concerned about their own vanity. Fortunately, arms makers in those Cities have invented powerful weapons named for an old word meaning destruction – cannons. Without the approval of their own rulers, a small group of men rush to deliver these weapons before Anglio is attacked.

In Zigor, home of the Zafiri, enemies not only have weapons of their own but also breed monstrous beasts, and yet preparations for the war move slowly. Deceit, mistrust, and jealousy are standard character traits among the Zafiri; and the the Overlords who rule spend more time blaming, backstabbing, and conniving against each other than anything else.

When Graice and Holder reach the Pŕçian Mountains, they enter the caverns of Annâles-Scientia – Caelia’s home. The people there recognize Holder, calling him by his real name Breyon, and rejoice at his return. Graice discovers that the amulet she wore as a newborn (the only survivor of a shipwreck) is more important than she ever could have expected. Thanks to Graice, Breyon recovers his complete memory and now knows the tragedy of his past.

Having been raised in secret, the boy actually knows little about his own background, but Caelia still recognizes who he really is. When they dig up and find a book about the history of his family, it confirms her guess. “You must come home with me!” she insists and he agrees, but they suddenly realize that Annâles-Scientia isn’t home for either of them – Abbelôn is. They can’t go there yet, but a wild ride on the mighty horse Glori takes them to the caverns. When the two burst through the entrance, the people there – Pŕçians – rejoice to see Caelia and gasp in astonishment at him. In the middle of all the people – his people, not just Caelia’s – he declares his identity. The only four people who can free Abbelôn and save the world are now united.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Synopsis of Part I of this trilogy
Ch. 1 The Boy - - and The Girl
Ch. 2 The Boy and The Girl, part 2
Ch. 3 Escol
Ch. 4 The Boy and The Girl, part 3
Ch. 5 Graice and Holder, Pt. 8
Ch. 6 Graice & Holder Pt. 9
Ch. 7 Sybille


Bob Craton Thursday, 26 April 2012
Yes, the idea comes from the Rosetta Stone. I assume it's clear that whatever secrets Escol can extract from the 'Conspectus Crystal' will become important later. Naturally, I agree with your last sentence.
Lady Coldfeather Thursday, 26 April 2012
Love, love, LOVE this chapter. Your intensive detail is your trademark. "the rosetta script" - very clever. Like the Rosetta Stone?
I really have no idea why more people aren't reading this, it's brilliant!

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