Going Deeper
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Submitted:Tuesday, 13 December 2011
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This book is a compliment to my earlier title: "A Light in the Dark - Peeling Back Perception to Uncover the Truth" (Tate Publishing 2011). It unfolds more of the mystery surrounding ancient Hermetic teachings allowing the reader to go deeper into understanding reality and how to go about changing it. It is believed that Hermetic thought originated thousands of years ago in Egypt and was nearly erased from history by the Christian Holy Roman Empire. It explains the process of not only physical transmutation (known as alchemy) but also (what I feel is the most important aspect of the art) spiritual regeneration, which is the teaching of theurgy. Very little is written on the subject of theurgy but I feel, as the world evolves and the populace searches for the meaning of life, it will be re-discovered by the masses once again. I hope you enjoy the excerpts - Doug


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Disclaimer
Ch. 2 The Ghost in the Machine
Ch. 3 The World is Painted with Emotion
Ch. 4 The Art of Evolution
Ch. 5 The Work
Ch. 6 Step 1 - Calcination
Ch. 7 Step 2 - Dissolution
Ch. 8 Step 3 - Separation
Ch. 9 Step 4 - Conjunction
Ch. 10 Fire - Water - Air - Earth
Ch. 11 Step 5 - Fermentation