Bleeding Butterflies
GenreFan fiction / Drama
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Sunday, 3 July 2011
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McKayla had a normal, average high school life until the day it got totally ruined by a rumor.
Rumor has it that McKayla is a big, lying cheating slut.
Everyone in school shuns her, so McKayla has to sit with the only people left. These two people are also outcasts, shunned for being just plain weird as children, which continues into high school.
Their names are Dib and Zim.
Both Dib and Zim accept Mickey, letting her sit at their lunch table and yada yada. What Mickey doesn’t know is that she’s in for the ride of her life.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 It's just sprite, right?
Ch. 2 Going Under


Frozen Fire Saturday, 5 January 2013
This book kept on popping up as a random pick, and each time I was like, 'why is this thing glitching up? There have to be other books on this site, like hello?' It didn't look like the kind of thing I would like, but then it really started to annoy me, so I thought maybe if I pressed it it would go away, but then I actually started reading it and realized it was exactly the kind of thing I liked and it was written really well. That is the story of how I came to leave this comment. Go figure.

Anyway, like I said, this story is really good, both in writing and in plot. I didn't think it was really possible to do that with such a weird series as Invader Zim, so kudos to you. I hope you finish it. (And I assume Grr comes in later? Please....)
Kalentra Night Friday, 15 July 2011
there is a reason, it's just unknown at the moment. it'll be revealed soon-ish...
Doomydoomdomm Sunday, 3 July 2011
hmm. If there isn't some reason for everyone to hate her its a little hard to believe. She should have so deformity. Or there should be some rumor. Dunno, just saying.

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