A Day Never Forgotten
GenreRomance / Drama
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Thursday, 9 June 2011
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Dear reader,
I ask you to stop reading this... But I know you won't. I hope you understand that I never meant to meet him, or fall in love. I guess it happened at the wtong time. I hope he knew I loved him, if only I had enough energy to produce those two words. Wonder how life is for him right now? Well how about we start from the beginning...


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Ch. 0 Characters///Cover
Ch. 1 Sincere Warning.


kandykane Friday, 10 June 2011
I like it so far, hope you keep writingXD I would like to get to no Victoria's personalitie. I guess I have to keep reading. XD
Mind checking out mine. ♥Why?.....Jealous♥ I would like your opinion.XD

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