Shadow World (Complete)
GenreYoung Adult / Romance
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Wednesday, 16 March 2011
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I never knew this world existed. I had no idea that the stories were real. I did not believe in fairy tales, the legends of supernatural. It made no difference what I believed in. They believed in me. The fairy tales, legends the things that gave us nightmares we were children they came and found me. My world is turned upside down overnight. I was forced to leave my home my family with no notice, no chance to say goodbye. I have to start a new life with a new group of people I did not know and wish I'd never met. I wish I was still oblivious. That I still did not know they were real that they existed. None of that matters though because like I said before they believed in me. They want me so I really had no choice. The rest of my life had already been decided for me and I had no idea or say about it.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Prologue (Edited)
Ch. 1 Chapter One (Edited)
Ch. 2 Chapter Two- Gran (Edited)
Ch. 3 Chapter Three (Edited)
Ch. 4 Chapter Four (Edited)
Ch. 5 Chapter Five (Edited)
Ch. 6 Chapter Six - Erebus (Edited)
Ch. 7 Chapter Seven (Edited)
Ch. 8 Chapter Eight (Edited)
Ch. 9 Chapter Nine (Edited)
Ch. 10 Chapter Ten - Darkness (Edited)
Ch. 11 Chapter Eleven (Edited)
Ch. 12 Chapter Twelve (Edited)
Ch. 13 Chapter Thirteen - Erebus (Edited)
Ch. 14 Chapter Fourteen (Edited)
Ch. 15 Chapter Fifteen (Edited)
Ch. 16 Chapter Sixteen
Ch. 17 Chapter Seventeen
Ch. 18 Chapter Eighteen - The King
Ch. 19 Chapter Nineteen - Bryce
Ch. 20 Chapter Twenty - Alyssa
Ch. 21 Chapter Twenty-One The King
Ch. 22 Chapter Twenty-Two - Erebus
Ch. 23 Chapter Twenty-Three - Nemesis
Ch. 24 Chapter Twenty-Four
Ch. 25 Chapter Twenty-Five - Erebus
Ch. 26 Chapter Twenty-Six
Ch. 27 Chapter Twenty - Seven
Ch. 28 ChapterTwenty - Eight
Ch. 29 Chapter Twenty - Nine
Ch. 30 Chapter Thirty
Ch. 31 Chapter Thirty - One
Ch. 32 Chapter Thirty- Two
Ch. 33 Chapter Thirty- Three
Ch. 34 Chapter Thirty- Four
Ch. 35 Chapter Thirty- Five


K.A. Rumion Monday, 30 December 2013
Wow, this was a very interesting first chapter. Lots of characters and I already know who are going to be my favorites. There were some spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes here and there but, I was still able to follow along quite well. I will definitely be reading more of this and I saw that there was a book 2 so can't wait to get to that one as well. Keep up the good work.
Oliver Petron Thursday, 8 August 2013
This was really good! I really like your style of writing. Well done.
ABegans Saturday, 13 April 2013
I love everything about this! The characters, the story so far, all of it! Can't wait to read the whole thing! Check out some of my books and give me some feedback. ;)
Pen Goddess Friday, 16 November 2012
I can't wait to read this. I always wanted stories like this :))) can't wait to read it
FurnGirl Sunday, 23 September 2012
This is pretty interesting. A few spelling situations but story line makes up for it.

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