Tears & Heartbreak
GenreYoung Adult / Romance
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Saturday, 29 January 2011
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(9 ratings)
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*This is the sequel to Loving You*
Axel and Xander are sure they're in love. They see each other everyday, share hugs and kisses, and say that they love each other. Almost sixteen, they're even looking for their own place, despite being told they're too young to survive on their own. Axel's even considering proposing, though he knows Xander isn't big on marriage.
Xander is helping his younger brother, Damon, with his girl issues. Namely Heidi. He knows he loves Axel, and he knows that Axel knows that too. But he's too engrossed with his family to do much else. Axel feels kinda neglected.
Enter Jasper. He's about to shake it up. Big Style.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Axel
Ch. 2 Xander
Ch. 3 Axel
Ch. 4 Xander
Ch. 5 Axel
Ch. 6 Xander
Ch. 7 Axel
Ch. 8 Xander
Ch. 9 Axel
Ch. 10 Xander
Ch. 11 Axel
Ch. 12 Xander
Ch. 13 Axel
Ch. 14 Jasper
Ch. 15 Xander
Ch. 16 Axel
Ch. 17 Xander
Ch. 18 Jasper
Ch. 19 Axel
Ch. 20 Xander
Ch. 21 Jasper
Ch. 22 Xander
Ch. 23 Axel
Ch. 24 Jasper
Ch. 25 Axel
Ch. 26 Jasper
Ch. 27 Damon
Ch. 28 Axel
Ch. 29 Xander
Ch. 30 Jasper
Ch. 31 Xander
Ch. 32 Axel
Ch. 33 Xander
Ch. 34 Hillary
Ch. 35 Axel
Ch. 36 Xander
Ch. 37 Axel
Ch. 38 Xander


MTA. Saturday, 16 November 2013
I love these stories so much they should be published righ now
Manda92 Sunday, 29 July 2012
Ok so I'm not big on gay romances because A i am a girl and B i havw only read one besides you and it was bad but this is awesome!!!! and you really need to finish the story!!!!! Please please please!!!!
T.J. Eaves Wednesday, 25 July 2012
Please write more! This tale needs an ending.
Alish the Strange Sunday, 25 December 2011
Jazz and Xander should so hook up! I lush Axel but he is a bit of a cockhead and it would give him a taste of his own medicine! XP
emo-lover-//_^ Wednesday, 10 August 2011
yes, yes u are!!!! GERRRRRR! i hate u y the hell are u doing this! AHHHHHHHHH!

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