First love
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Submitted:Sunday, 16 January 2011
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She forgot about him, about the things that happen between them, but will love remind her of her Lost love? Or will she find a new love a lot more better than before?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Prologue
Ch. 2 Meeting
Ch. 3 The clinic
Ch. 4 the Reunion
Ch. 5 Garnet
Ch. 6 Welcoming neighbor party


UndeadBeauty Tuesday, 3 May 2011
I love how you write the synopsis for all your stories, you've got this...strange way of writing. Like- It's got amazing detail, and the characters are so easy to relate to! It's like....the prefect book! I don't know what makes it so awesome. I can't quite put my finger on I'll DEFFINATELY be keeping tabs on this! Thanks for reading Nocturne Moon!
JustAWriter Friday, 21 January 2011
Great work. Keep going and I'll read more as soon as I can
-Bhennz09- Monday, 17 January 2011
it's so great!!!!!!I LOVE IT

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