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Submitted:Friday, 24 September 2010
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Reflections is the poem book which is written during my transition from a child to teenager and now into the adult.
All of us experience stuff. Stuff about people we come across in life, stuff about people who touch our hearts.
Some people tend to dissolve these experiences in drinks and drugs, we artist dissolve them in our art.
People come here to find what they can share as they read, my poems are no different, just your regular rhapsodies.
The only difference is I have written everything as I have myself gone through it, felt every pain, every happiness right from my heart.
And they are Reflections.
Reflections of other people on my heart.
And reflections of my heart back on other people...


List of chapters

Ch. 1 A Decayed Rose
Ch. 2 Crossed Destinies
Ch. 3 Curtains
Ch. 4 Bleeding Apples
Ch. 5 Can you love me back again?
Ch. 6 Change
Ch. 7 Desdemona's Tale
Ch. 8 Coldhearted
Ch. 9 A Green Leaf
Ch. 10 Escape
Ch. 11 Fragile...yet Carefree
Ch. 12 Glimpse of lonliness
Ch. 13 Futile Efforts
Ch. 14 Gone Unnoticed
Ch. 15 Iceberg
Ch. 16 Lipstick and Mascara
Ch. 17 Kaleidoscope
Ch. 18 Indolence
Ch. 19 Life
Ch. 20 It's a God's Gift!!
Ch. 21 Midnight Blue
Ch. 22 My Divine Prayer
Ch. 23 Peeled off Forbidden Fruit
Ch. 24 Opaque Hearts
Ch. 25 Silence in his love
Ch. 26 Only a Matter of Time
Ch. 27 Please tell me...
Ch. 28 Pain
Ch. 29 Shrouded Memories
Ch. 30 Perfect Date
Ch. 31 Tangent Effect
Ch. 32 Pretence
Ch. 33 Self Expression
Ch. 34 The Coffee Table Rampage
Ch. 35 So much...
Ch. 36 You were with me
Ch. 37 Turquoise Feathers
Ch. 38 Spent Moments
Ch. 39 True Love
Ch. 40 Folks
Ch. 41 Stay oh night!!
Ch. 42 Walking down the aisle
Ch. 43 Uncomplicated - VERSION 1
Ch. 44 Uncomplicated - VERSION 2
Ch. 45 Blank Canvas
Ch. 46 Velvety Nights


fart Wednesday, 8 June 2011
poems are soooooooo cooolllll!!!!!!

i think these are truly amazing poems. keep up the good work! -fart 2

China Roses Sunday, 3 October 2010
The poems are truly amazing. They feel sad, but some times happy. These are the best poems I have read so far.

Could you rate my books?
Zurie~ Porcelain Doll Saturday, 25 September 2010
^^ Liked it.

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