Heart Felt
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Submitted:Thursday, 12 August 2010
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Yeah :D


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Believing
Ch. 2 Trusted
Ch. 3 Changed
Ch. 4 One smile
Ch. 5 Watch Me
Ch. 6 The things we do for love
Ch. 7 When you're out there
Ch. 8 Unclear
Ch. 9 Where I want to be
Ch. 10 Gone
Ch. 11 Fake (song)
Ch. 12 Where do I belong? (song)
Ch. 13 Can't hurt you
Ch. 14 U and I should be together (in the alphabet)
Ch. 15 Maybe I'll laugh
Ch. 16 When you're gone
Ch. 17 Blah
Ch. 18 Found you
Ch. 19 You just don't understand
Ch. 20 I think I love you <3
Ch. 21 Thank you
Ch. 22 Secrets
Ch. 23 Love will kill us all
Ch. 24 Just brings
Ch. 25 Heavy metal
Ch. 26 Teach me and I won't learn
Ch. 27 Love me <3
Ch. 28 You love me
Ch. 30 Falling behind eyes
Ch. 31 Words I give to you
Ch. 32 Secret ground
Ch. 33 Ritual X_X
Ch. 34 Don't see, don't feel
Ch. 35 My choice!
Ch. 36 Cancer (No I don't have it, don't worry!)
Ch. 37 Never forget you
Ch. 38 Questions
Ch. 39 Combustion
Ch. 40 i'll never forget you
Ch. 41 Triple crescent
Ch. 42 Piper
Ch. 43 In flanders fields
Ch. 44 I want you to tell me
Ch. 45 Subconscious
Ch. 46 Recalling Things
Ch. 47 My rap
Ch. 48 It's not over
Ch. 49 broken
Ch. 50 What rock sang to us
Ch. 51 Do you love me
Ch. 52 built to think that way
Ch. 53 Love f**ks
Ch. 54 The mirror crowd
Ch. 55 Infront of me
Ch. 56 Feelings
Ch. 57 Listen to me speak
Ch. 58 Lie (song)
Ch. 59 Diagnosis heart break
Ch. 60 Pieces Breaking
Ch. 61 Bleeding Rose
Ch. 62 Big blue
Ch. 63 Lying Truth
Ch. 64 Take me away
Ch. 65 freedom is down to
Ch. 66 It's all too much
Ch. 67 my inner desires
Ch. 68 Perfecting Death
Ch. 69 Damage
Ch. 70 What's truly in you


Izzy Hartley Wednesday, 25 January 2012
I really like this one! I can relate to it quite a bit. You should check out some of my poems, you might relate to them as well!
Na<3mi B. Wednesday, 12 October 2011
This is very good, but I feel like you're trying to hard to find words that rhyme with others. But I've been told that I have that problem as well and I just ignore it when people say it so....I guess this comment is kind of pointless....but oh well. :)
Jessica E Sunday, 9 October 2011
Jude, thankyou for your comment but just for the record I am not emo nor do I cut myself (Not trying to start an arguement, just saying so that people don't get the wrong impression) and Reginald thankyou very much, you've seriously made me smile haha:3 And ummm yeahh nearly all of them are speaking from personal experience and, as for page 68, I don't remember writing that one o.O
________ Tuesday, 4 October 2011
A lot of dark feelings in this one. Poetry is best done when written when you're feeling your emotions best. You tend to hold nothing back and that is quite apparent in this piece. The way the world and people are, we will always experience the temptation to tell everyone and everything to screw off. Unfortunately, there are more pretentious people walking around than there are humble so if you (anybody in general) is going to expect to live in this world, it's best to get used to those people, too. Tolerance is a human requirement. Nice poem.
________ Tuesday, 4 October 2011
Very nice. I receive the impression that love and heartbreak are theme you enjoy exploring. I should hope the pain and anguish you describe so well is more so the product of an inventive mind and not culled from personal experiences (not to pry or anything). I definitely felt the emotion in this. You speak your emotions well. Nice job.

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