Bare: a year of my life on the table
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Submitted:Wednesday, 7 January 2009
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When finishing this collection of poems, which neatly finished the end of the school year, I was considering attaching appendices and an extensive amount of footnotes to the collection. But, on second thought, i decided to let the poetry speak for itself, as they are moreorless sequenced in the order i wrote them.

No poem in here is written just merely for poetic or literary purposes, they are a reflection of my current state of mind and situations at the time. Of course some of the poems i tried to experiment with style a little, such as 'the tale of scarlet and serene' in which i've adapted a narrative poetic style, creating a work of fiction, but one which clearly parralells my thoughts the end of last february when i wrote it.

My use of imagery is an attempt not to disguise myself and hide behind my poems, but to embellish them and to make the feelings less specific to me, but also accessible to everyone. Yet at the same time what these feelings are, is all from me, and therefore the poems as a whole follow my journey through the last year as well as hopefully having meaning away from just me.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 My Poetry Book
Ch. 1 Our Simple Wish
Ch. 2 Claws of my Gun
Ch. 3 In Sickness
Ch. 4 After a Kiss
Ch. 5 Whispers in the Wretched Water
Ch. 6 Christmas Dark
Ch. 7 Sorrow of a Lie
Ch. 8 His love is gone
Ch. 9 Fairyland is a lonely place without you
Ch. 10 Stem of a Rose
Ch. 11 My Ghost in Flesh
Ch. 12 A Wild Haze
Ch. 13 When Sweet becomes Bitter
Ch. 14 Abyss
Ch. 15 The Tale of Scarlett and Serene
Ch. 16 Tell Lie or Tell Truth
Ch. 17 Having been wronged
Ch. 18 Echo of a Man
Ch. 19 Bare
Ch. 20 Salvage a Day
Ch. 21 Talking about Justice
Ch. 22 Yes Iíd Love to Let you Play
Ch. 23 Forgive me if I Lie
Ch. 24 Turn My Back
Ch. 25 13
Ch. 26 Worn
Ch. 27 Belief in my Blood
Ch. 28 Today the church will not scare me so
Ch. 29 Scissor
Ch. 30 My thankyou's
Ch. 31 Vulture
Ch. 32 It isnít real unless it Hurts
Ch. 33 My Promise to You


shanniebear Thursday, 27 January 2011
breath taking
Stephen Delee Tuesday, 14 September 2010
great poem!
Meriah Cooper Wednesday, 18 November 2009
These poems are amazing. I love how heart wrenching and raw they feel. They also really drag you in. Great Work!
kaz Wednesday, 26 August 2009
love it
kaz Wednesday, 26 August 2009
love this poem so glad your writing more chapters

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