Werewolf,Witches,and"Me" (Copyright)
GenreYoung Adult / Romance
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Monday, 12 April 2010
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How do you know if the person that you are supposed to be with would do anything to be with you?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Prologue
Ch. 2 I hate being normal


awesomeness Tuesday, 9 August 2011
This is really good! Write more!
*P.S.ILoveYou* Saturday, 8 May 2010
Ooo....foreshadowing...I like it lol can't wait to
Love2Read Tuesday, 13 April 2010
I can read super fast now. Anyway, back to your book, there are some errors here and there. Those can be easily fixed by using Microsoft Word or opening up this page on Mozilla Firefox. Both ways work very well. Another thing, when another person speaks you have to press enter (separate paragraphs). I hope I'm making sense here. If I'm not just e-mail me. Other than that, this looks like an amazing book! ♥

Keep up the good work! ♥
~Merisa ♥

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