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Ahhh, I keep changing this:P I'm Kacy:D I live in California and many of my books have me tied into the main character (like bits of my personality alike to theirs:P). If you are reading my work; one: THANK YOU:D and two: I repeat name a lot, but if two people have the same names in different stories, they are most likely not the same character. I am on this site because, of course, I very much enjoy reading and writing:) Even if my writing can suck at times, I do it cause I hella enjoy it. (And yes, hella is a word, at least in parts of Cali^.^) If some of my books are amature (I think I spelt that wrongDX), and many most likely will be, please do not blame me. I'm only 14, so I have many years for my skills to improve:) Please read my stuff and comment and critique it, so I know what's good and what I need to work on. I start a lot of stories and never continue them, so I will hopefully be putting a lot of things up and continue doing them:P I think I'm best at poetry, and I will keep updating (and put up if I haven't already) a book full of my poetry. Some of it can bring you to tears (or so my English teacher says) and some will make you feel as happy as you can possibly be. I put a lot of emotion into my poetry, so unless it is to help make it stronger, don't be hating, because that really hurts me when somebody disses my poetry since so much of my heart and soul is put into it. The mood of my stories and poems depends on my mood: Mainly either happy or depressing. I'm bipolar so it's hard to stay on the same mood path throughout my stories and stuff.
Also, again for comments, do not put down any of my characters. I get a lot of inspiration from my family, friends, and even myself, so I take it personally and get offended if you put them down. (Unless they're really annoying and/or bitchy and I meant for them to be that way:P)If you ever want me to look at one of your stories, send me a message. I will check em out, but if I don't comment or anything, sorry. I mainly comment at certain times, and yeah. You catching my drift? Also, you know how I mentioned how I'm from California? Yeah, don't automatically assume things about me because I live there. I'm very unique, and will shock you if you ever get to know me:)
Kay well that's all I'm putting up here for now:P I looovvveee you and thank you for taking the time to read all this:) And one last thing............ moo^.^
-Kacy Blaisdell<3

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Yeeaahhhh. They are my poems. I know some suck, don't judge. Haters make me famous;)
A collection of short stories about death, love, and everything in between.
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