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- noun

1. the act of a person or thing that writes.

2. written form: to commit one's throughts to writing.

3. that which is written; characters or matter written with a pen or the like: His writing is illegible.


My real name's Heather and as most people on WOP I have an interest in writing. In fact if you don't I wouldn't understand why you were on it... Anyway, I normally right thrillers first hand. I'm tired of sterotypical romances and feel the needs to deal with complex storylines. Although as I am discovering this is a lot harder than I originally intended.

I owe a lot of people a lot things, insperation being the most in debt. I must name a couple at least; Jojo, Rebecca... two of the best writers and people I know.

At the moment I'm mainly focusing on my book,'Edward's Speech' until my inspirtation for 'The Mailbox along the Road' returns. Recently I have been suffering a serious case of writer's block and I'm glad to have succeeded in creating 'Edward's Speech'.

Tough critisism allowed and even encouraged. It spurs me on to write better. I may be fifteen years old but I want my writing to be timeless, please help me achieve just that.

Projects I'm working on:

----------> Edward's Speech: The story of Tristan Talisman as he tries to find out about his father. After being accidently stowing away on a pirate ship during a raid he's forced to stay onboard until their next stop. Along his journey to finding his true meaning he comes across some very unforgetable characters who will shape his life forever.

----------> The Mailbox along the Road: Explores how seven people completely different from one another come together to create a story. Including the eccentric Rankin and his house-mate Cameron and their constant battle to find a normal life. Along the way they will find family, love and ultimately death.

----------> Rushed Promises: Alice in Wonderland fan-fiction. My own take using a character called Alexia in her return to the infamous Wonderland. After visiting as a child, Alexia didn't have much memory of her time in Wonderland. However when she returns she is faced with strangely familar faces and unspoken promises she can never remember making. One person though is not going to take this forgetfulness for granted.

I will critic your books if you would like but I have to warn you that I am very strict. I will tell you what I feel about your story and mark it accordingly. Message me if you would like me to review your story.

Lots of love to all my readers,

Kalzie Swift x

List of books

All it takes is one letter to throw the world out of balance and when the letters start arriving, there's no stopping them.
KING OF THE PIRATES, EDWARD TALISMAN. That was what they branded him; as martyr for freedom. Some want vengence; others want peace. And what effect will two little boys vows to one other have?