Mary Parker
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Country: New Zealand

I am a personal success coach and have created a book that includes tips and resources on how to bring more clarity and success into your life. I have always loved the way that some people can take a profound thought and put it into a few very succinct words. I have also been enchanted by the idea that, if I dug a little, I would find a treasure concealed just beneath the surface. It was this that inspired me to create this book to produce something short that could be taken and reflected upon over a period of time a combination of a quote, a brief reflection of what could be seen in it, and a question to draw the reader into it in a personal way. Questions often give us the unconscious permission that we need to explore more of what is lying just below the surface of our own thoughts. Above all I wanted to use some of the wonderful wisdom that is already out there, so generously gifted to us by others from their wealth of experience. My intention in creating this book is to provide a thought that you can take with you, with the aim of applying it to your life in practical and effective ways.

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This book uses quotes, reflections and questions to encourage you, the reader, to explore the type of things that can help or hinder clarity and growth in your life.