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Im a little crazy, a little lonely and a little mad. My stories are my life, my love and my safehouse. My fears are thrown to my paper in angry pen marks and my life is spun out of control.
My name is Mary and I'm 18.
I've written stories for as long as i can remember.
My grammar is poor, so i apologize for that now.
I like when people give positive help, such as informing me when something is spelled wrong or used incorrectly or etc. etc.
I won't take plain rude or offensive comments.
Simple as that.
I have thing for the arts in general.
Music, Drawings, Paintings, Writings.
I'm fond of creating book covers, some to mention would be the Harmony Trilogy by Raquel Marin (You should check it out,FANTASTIC!)
I also did both of mine and her other two books.
I also wrote her Prologue to all three of the books(thou the 3rd isnt out yet.).
I'm very bad at putting Chaps up and im sorry for that, im trying to get better at that.
But do please enjoy the books i have up, and come back for more!

List of books

She was happy with her family, they were her everything. But nothing could have prepared her for this.
The accident changed everything. We were happy. We were best friends. But that night, she lost every memory she had, she couldnt even remember my name.
Literary Fiction
A snip-it of a story I'm debating to write. Feedback and Rating if should continue?