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I am 14 and an Anime FREAK. I like YU-GI-OH! and if you don't, then don't be rude!!!! I also have memorized a few songs and my theory is, "If you can't buy the song, memorize it, and even if you can, memorize it anyway!!!!" I have memorized Motteke! Sailor Fuku Milky Cabbage Version (YouTube it), Hare Hare Yukai in Japanese, 1001 Arabian Nights by Ch!pz, and Caramelldancing. My dream is to do a cosplay and am working on a Ryo Bakura costume. I finished Axel's. I also like Bakugan. Yes, I am a girl. PEACE!!!!! I am also trying to learn Japanese.

My YouTube name is AnimeFreakNH.

"Where'd you get it?"
"My Birthday."
"Your Birthday's a store?!?!?

I strongly disagree with war, although I am writing about it.

Also read The Writer's books. They're good!


Momo-chan loves you all!!!

Read Samantha Charlotte!!!!!!!!!!

One way to get kicked out of Walmart:
Dress all in black and hum the Mission Impossible theme song. When someone asks you what you are doing, scream and push them behind a shelf.

Something to do in an elevator:
Crack open your briefcase and say, "Got enough air in there?"

Vocaloid+Angry German Kid= A lot of people laughing. (YouTube it... It's an actual video.)


List of books

Blaze and her sisters and brother were never normal. But when they meet Bakura, Ryu, and Riku, then everything changes. *I have been writing this in my mind for a while now.*
Fanart of anime!
Poems I wrote for an assignment or just for fun.
I notice things that others don't. I also review school and I will define words in the students perspective.
Strange dreams, a mystical land, and a handsom prince? Will Tay ever recover? (Jk, btw. Kind of a parody. I dont like the med desciptions.)