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Hey Guys!!


For starters, his full name is Syed Khaja Ilyaas Hussain and he's of Indian-Muslim descent. He's 16 years old and was born and brought up in London, England, United Kingdom. He describes himself as a quirky and offbeat individual that's always caught doing embarrassing things that allow his friends to laugh and be around him more. He loves to party, have fun and make sarcastic comments for his own selfish purposes (IMHO).
He also describes himself as driven and ambitious, meaning that whenever he wants something, he'll work his bum off to get it and isn't afraid to rub it in others' faces after his goal is acheived.


Ilyaas is one of the biggest Harry Potter fans ever. Hence, when the colossal Harry Potter saga drew to a close, he fell into serious depression and begun writing fan-fiction which immediately earned him a certain sense of security. This was when he decided that a new saga needed to be released; a series that would knock people's socks off and get them flicking page after page after page.
He needed the right idea to wander into his mind though and spent a number of months waiting for that spontaneous thought to occur in his dismal mind. Then the light bulb flashed, the wheels starting turning and a new, potential saga was born! Ilyaas wants to do more than earn at least a small fraction of Jo's gigantic piggy bank however. He wants every teenager to connect to his book and enjoy reading it. He wants to incorporate the times he has with his friends into this book and make his characters seem real and not like the narrow-minded and serious characters in other books (NOT NAMING...ZZZIPPPP).

"Honestly guys, I don't know how successful my book is going to be and tbh, I don't care whether its rating is like half a star or five stars, this book is going to get published and it is going to get on those shelves...that's a promise to all of my readers and friends!" - ILYAAS KHAJA

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"Dearest Readers, Some of the biggest battles we have in life are within which our better half has to overcome the worst. Love, Ojal..."