Jesica Miller
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Country: United States

I am just another ordinary girl in the country of the United States. I go to school like everybody else. I blink, dream, and breathe like everybody else. I am just a different, unique everybody else. My thoughts are similar, but also different. My voice is one of a kind, and so are my eyes. I may not like them as much as everybody else's, but they are mine.

I have a dream to become, either an author, or a forensic scientist. Wish me luck...I need it. I love to write. I may not be the best, but I think I may actually be good. Let me know on that. Oh, yeah, I am thirteen years of age. I make up little random quotes with my friends EVERYDAY. (Is that normal???) One is "Grape Soda..." but you HAVE to hear the story to know how that was made up! It's pretty funny, but also disturbing. If you want to know, ask me. I have millions of other sayings, and if you'd like to hear some of those, again, ask me. I won't bite. I can't anyway because we are probably, chances are, more than one hundred miles away from each other. P.S. if you get me talking chances are, you will never get me to shut up!

Please read, and enjoy (hopefully), my books. I have been trying, and don't be too easy on me, lay it to me hard. (I'm used to people criticizing me anyway. I play basketball, trust me, your coach will criticize you. Sometimes.)

P.S. Thanks for all support and love.

P.P.S. Aliens exist! Trust me...Just joking! Or am I???

P.P.P.S. Check out 'Nightmares' by my good friend Cassidy Potter!

P.P.P.P.S. Check out 'Whispers' by my good friend, Hannah Arnette!

P.P.P.P.P.S I have a lot of P.S.'s.

Yours Truly,
Jesica M. Miller

List of books

As Tiffany finds out that she is different overnight, she doesn't even have a day to comprehend it. First she's at home, now she's in Scraphyte. What in the universe is happening to her?
Lita Calloway never understood why she was hiding in a private school, or why she wasn't safe. How come it took twelve years for her to find out who she truly is?
An eighteen year old, Sadie, knew the party wasn't a great idea. It wasn't even a good one. And now her life is forever changed. Once normal, not any more.
My book of poems that mean something to me. They come from feeling and tend to be deep.