Elizabeth Windsor-Soup
Member since Monday, 10 April 2017
Country: United Kingdom

I have been for about 20 years and learning how to write for 20 years.
I think I have my own style and feel that
my stories just might have some merit. Of the four stores I have written and self edited, I think I have a maturity that pushes me to allow people to read my work. I hope you enjoy and if you feel you can leave a message to critique
or just to say hello, then your input will be appreciated.

List of books

Two brothers, forced by circumstance to kill to survive, yet true to God and themselves.
Let's have fun with our new found time machine and see what happens: first off find our friends to play.
A group of top drillers get ripped off. They decide to wreak their revenge in the only way they know how
Philippe and Alan Domfront are charged with bringing Hereward home to rid England of the Normans.
Harald learns that King Edward is dead and having the country promised to him he decides this is one crown he can retire on.