Lenore Nevermore
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Lenore Nevermore is a unique, eccentric soul who has been dealt one tragedy after another and found their passion in the solace of the written word. With their never ending pursuit of true love, they have come to find the most profound expression in tales of suitors destined for demise, but continue to fight as if destiny has no bearing on their story. Nevermore has a deep admiration for all things that go bump in the night, specifically vampires. Although they have adopted a dark exterior, they have a kind and gentle heart with a soft spot for animals, especially their precious feline, Velkan. They have kept their head held high and are pursuing an eternity with their long lost other half, remaining hopeful and steadfast in their belief that with God, all things are possible.

For more information, all my social media is under the username VehementlyVampirical or VehementlyVamp. Visit my deviantart for links to all platforms)

List of books

If you could end yourself and cease your suffering or continue fighting for an eternity of love, which one would you choose? (Vampire x Human Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy series-2 books)