Ryleigh Lintley
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Country: United States

I write. I act. I make movies. I take pictures. I love sci-fi. I read. I play guitar. I watch movies. I listen to music until my ears bleed. Fantasize until I lose conciousness. I like hanging out with my friends.

Me: About 5 foot seven. Long, brown, curly hair. Big brown eyes that change colors in the sunlight. Usually with a strange expression or a sarcastic remark handy. Always thinking. You'll most likely catch me in my Star Wars shirt or one of my European cities T-shirt (preferably Paris, Venice, or London) with a pair of jeans and comfy shoes.
When I asked my favorite movie, it would be a difficult decision. Star Wars. Star Trek. X-Men. Serenity. To name a few, and it's not just sci-fi movie that I love. I love all kinds.
I love music. THere are so many bands out there that I love. I listen to almost everything besides rap and country.
I love books. Preferably, you guessed it, sci-fi. I love a good adventure too.
I love good TV shows too. My favorite ones are Firefly, Dollhouse, Psych, Chuck, Fringe, Heroes, House, Castle, White Collar, Burn Notice, Monk, etc.
I love acting. It is so much fun. I love being in other worlds. Other people. Other places.

These are only a few things that define me.

List of books

Ravyn falls in love with Aeolos, an ancient with a dark past. Erelah is in love with Keane, who is also an ancient. Now they must rescue those they love.
Young Adult
Shannon is on the run because she was born with a special ability. She then meets Ace, along with other Knights who team up for a last battle. Will Shannon be on the good side, or wll she lose her way
Juliet was your typial honor student interning at a juvinile detention center where she meets Gabriel, an arrogant art thief. Do opposites really attract?
Young Adult
After a virus wipes out most of Mykelti's planet she must move to a different home on a new planet, but there she is different. Then she meets Peter, a troublesome boy and one who wants to understand.