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Country: Canada me...hmm...Well I am a student majoring in Chemistry and an aspiring writer...and I am Canadian.

I love to read, but I found writing my own novel was more entertaining and overall it was a fulfilling experience. Recently, I completed 'If Only Tonight', and I have to say...from everything I have written...IOT was by far the one I love the most. Writing it was unbelievably hard at times, but completely worth it!

My interests include storm chasing, F1 racing, archaeology...okay I'm kidding but I would love to be able to do those! I'm a jack-of-all-trades I suppose...I love books, music, cars, computers, science & technology in general, graphic design...a lot of stuff.

I love heart-wrenching romantic stories...and I'm a loyal reader, so if you can capture my attention, I will stick with you till the end!

I am always up for a good read, so if you have anything in mind let me know!

Andene xx

List of books

Mia has no idea what she's in for when she gets a job working with her favorite player. Matt knows one thing: Mia shouldn't be with him. He tries to push her away; something keeps drawing him to her.
Natalia is finishing grade 12. She doesn't expect one person to throw her life off course. Dallas comes home,little does he know what/who he will be dealing with. They learn that love can't be explain
Fallon Lira Stevens is a 20 year old pop star. She falls in love with a soccer player, only to have her heart broken. Fallon goes on a journey changing the way she perceives her life, responsibilities
It's been 3 years since she took the throne of Seraphine, Alexandra has faced a number of challenges. Finally finding love with one of her best friends from childhood, everything is threatened...