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I'm 13 and a writer:D
I love to read books and is known as the weird girl in school but have always got people laughing. I wouldn't say I'm in the popular click but I do know some of them and hang out.
In my school there three categories your placed in. Regulars, Advancers, and the Gifteds. Yeah there mostly about your grades but we make it into our own badges. The Populars are in the Advancers, Brainiacs are in the Gifteds. So where does that leave us funny fun loving people? In the Regulars. Us Regulars are way fun and we make the best of life. I'm happy to be one of them.
Out of all the Regulars though I'm the WEIRD ONE as everyone calls it. They've nicknamed me Tuesday and I brighten up everyones dayxD
I'd rather be weird and happy then normal and miserable.
I go through depression at times but when I write it brings me into a whole world I can call my own:)

List of books

Charlie was a normal teenage girl who was sent to her old hometown, Redwood.
Parker Miller was a normal girl with a family and life. Well, that was all until she decided to go to The Collector's Closet in the middle of the night to buy her little brother's birthday present.