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My name is Jenn and I am from New Brunswick, Canada. I am a twenty-four year old stay-at-home mommy to two wonderful children, a five year old son and two year old daughter. I am engaged to my middle school sweetheart of 11 years, whom I started dating when I was just 13 years old and have been with ever since. We have been through many things including overcoming a drug addiction together and having two amazing kids. I LOVE reading and writing with a passion and use poetry as a form of self expression and therapy.

I struggled with an addiction to opiates and crack cocaine for almost four years during which time i experienced some of the lowest points of my life thus far. however, i am happy to say that I have been clean and drug-free for two and a half years and I don't intend to ever return to the lifestyle of a junkie.

If you have any questions for me just ask! I love meeting and connecting with others who share the same passion for the written word as I have.

List of books

A short book of dark poetry from the mind of a broken girl. Featuring poetry on the topics of Life, Addiction, Struggles and Despair.