Jameyy Munroe
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Country: France

Well, my name is, as you can see, Jamey Munroe (: I'm generally rather placid, and kind ( probably a lot to do with the nicotine? ). Easily amused and easy to get along with. I could do without the drama that surrounds me, so please don't add to it. Kthxbai! Email me if you're curious.

List of books

The best kind of love out there is the kind that captures the very soul, and awakens even the quietest of hearts.
Having to look after my brother isn't so bad I suppose, he's not hard to deal with. It's the people who hurt him who are hardest to deal with.
When a students body is found in her dormitory, Sunset Avenue is thrown into a state of sheer panic.
A few months ago, they were normal. Young children, just like any other. Now, they are machines built for war. Only, they're not too happy about that...