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Hi! I'm Brianna, I live in the small state of Rhode Island, so it's good that I'm easily inspired! I'm 14, but i consider myself, an artist, and an author, I'm into poetry (Love that dog is one of my favorite books) and I liked the twilight saga, atleast, the last two books. I also like were wolves, or realistic fiction in a weird form, like The Perks Of Being A Wall Flower... hmm... I have two cats (aundrea and Xanthia,) and if you count strays, I take care of an nice orange kitty too. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to cats.(fail xD)

List of books

When Rose is exposed a life she hadn't known existed,things get crazy. Suddenly, she's talking to a dog,and Sams everywhere she goes. And things go from bad to worse when Nixon joins the mix
Young Adult
What happens in 2012 is just the beginning.Nova is being launched into the future but who does that mean she has to leave behind? And is the future good or bad?
When history repeats itself, Zinnia and Kalvin are seperated, forced to fight or settle with a life they never wanted or knew they could have. Will their lives ever go back to being like paradise?
Young Adult