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I'm nineteen, really weird, a bit of a killjoy, and I am currently watching Bleach and really like Mirai Nikki. I play Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokemon in my spare time when I don't feel like writing.

You can catch me on Twitter - @bec_starlight
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I generally do not accept reading requests.

What's next?
- Chapter Fifteen of Imprisoned
- Chapter Nine of Night and Day

The end ♪( ▽`)

List of books

Beau has been dragged to Hell and Paul has become something untamed and monstrous. What on earth can save both of them if they can't save each other?
Jack hasn't spoken a word in three years, he lives in a foster home and he's afraid to look at his reflection. Alex drinks and parties but isn't all bad.
Fan fiction
Mentally and physically unfit, Paul was an outcast to have fun poked at. Then there was Beau, the popular headcase who was seen as a God but he knew that he was far from it once he set eyes on Paul.
Trapped in a silent life of agony and torment, Nick is forced to relive everything he wants to forget while Beau trains as an angel and Paul begins to fully embrace his darker side.
Tahlia now attends a school with both human and supernatural students and she has the possibility to catch the heart of one of four very different individuals. Who will you choose?